Making it in Central New York

The MiiCNY Mechanism
MiiCNY is an open-sourced integrated marketing campaign that encourages all stake-holders (manufacturers, service providers, workers, the media and the general public) to engage in and continue to develop and promote the story.

And it's super easy for you to help! Here's how:


YOU are the most important aspect of the movement. Help change the conversation in any/all of the following ways:

- Be aware of all the good and opportunities in our region!

     > "Like" our Facebook page. (

                Then read and share our posts

                 - about regional manufacturers' activities

                   (like new business, awards, new hires, job postings...)

                 - about fun things going on in the region

                   (like sporting events, the arts, festivals, outdoor activities...)

     > Share good and positive information about the good things going on

                 - Share links and information in your social media posts

                 - Share information with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues         

     > Support our regional manufacturers, restaurants, service and retail businesses

                 Shifting your dollars to locally-owned businesses helps all of us by keeping our  

                 money -- and jobs -- in the region.

                  ---> Learn more about the economic impact you can make by visiting our friends'    

                        over at Syracuse First's website:

       > Support local sports teams, artists, musicians, event planners, museums and parks 

          by going to them!  For a complete list of activities going on in our region, pick up a

          fresh new Syracuse New Times each Wednesday, or see the calendar of events on their   

          website at

    > Come to the MiiCNY Kick-Off Party on Thursday, October 6th from 4 - 7 p.m. at the  

          Dietz Lantern manufacturing plant (225 Willkinson St., Syracuse, NY 13204). For details 

          and tickets, visit our ticket center

       > Stay tuned for our on-line store featuring shirts, hats and more!

       > Increase your awareness and opportunities by becoming a member of Chapter 19 of

     the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. SME features an active and growing roster of 

          others in - and interested in - manufacturing...sharing knowledge and insights through

          professional, educational and social events. To learn more, visit

    > Connect your business to the MiiCNY movement

                  - Add the MiiCNY logo to your website and link back to this website

                  - Promote your support of the MiiCNY movement on your company's social media

                    accounts. Provide links to this MiiCNY website and/or the MiiCNY Facebook page

           - Put a MiiCNY lawn sign on your property and/or a banner on your building

                  - Put a MiiCNY logo on your company apparel 


                    For MiiCNY digital assets, send an email to

       > Exhibit (or at the least, attend) the MiiCNY Kick-Off Party on Thursday, October 6th

          from 4 - 7 p.m. at the Dietz Lantern manufacturing plant (225 Willkinson St., Syracuse,

          NY 13204). 

                   - For information about exhibiting, contact Audrey at

                   - To purchase tickets, visit our ticket center

       > Provide a video of your business for us to upload and promote on our YouTube    

          channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

                   - Videos should be under 4 minutes

                   - Send video file or link to

All is in development, and like any other open source initiative, will continue to develop in time.

Please note: Making it in Central New York and MiiCNY are the intellectual property of SMART COOK!E, LLC. You are encouraged to use them and their associated logos to promote the movement. Should you/your entity wish to further develop or use them on their own to generate revenue, an agreement shall be made in advance. Please contact us by e.mail  at to discuss further.