Making it in Central New York

Yes, there's still manufacturing in Central New York...

lots of it!

Setting out to “right” the story about manufacturing in the region, a group of passionate manufacturers and marketers have teamed up to create an energy that changes the conversation about manufactur­ing and making a good life in Central New York. To raise awareness of the manufacturing businesses that are thriving, they have embarked on the creation of an open-source marketing initiative: Making it in Central New York (MiiCNY)

We have a thriving community of small and mid-size manufacturers, including companies with a long-standing history in the region and those who are making their way here.

Let’s not be defined by losses anymore. In past decades, as large, mass-manufacturing jobs moved out of the Great Lakes Region, many blue-collar households lost their livelihoods. This had a deep and lasting negative impact on the Central New York economy. Struggles have been real, and spirits have been low.

We can work our way out of this past – with the skills we kept, our smarts, creativity, and our grit. Many manufacturers have held on, made it, and are tooled up for the next industrial revolution.

Let’s let our perseverance and ability to thrive define us. Let’s talk about how we are making great products – and good livings – in Central New York.

The time is right for the conversation, between friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers to move to the present tense. 

Let’s let our perseverance, grace and ability to thrive define us. Let’s talk about how we are making it in Central New York.

This is our story to tell.

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